Shine Dental Clinic starts “Blogging!”

Not just sitting around drinking tea all day...  Now we're blogging too!

Not just sitting around drinking tea all day… Now we’re blogging too!

Finally, we’re at it too – Blogging…

Well, welcome to the blog.  Here you will see our most up to date news and dental technology information and what we’ve been up to at the Clinic.  See photo’s and find out about the Shine Team and our Clinic.

It’s not all Screams & Noisy Drills! – In fact this blog may help those of you who fear the trip to the dentist by learning how we do things and what you can expect on your next appointment with us.

What with the Website being updated and a spangly new online Booking system on the way, we hope that can continue to offer our patients the kind and caring professional service they all deserve.

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