What You Need To Know When You’re Considering a Dental Bridge

Are you exploring the option of a dental bridge? Yes, losing teeth – for whatever reason – can be distressing. Not only can it affect the way we speak and what we can eat, but as our teeth are the support structure of our face, it can also change our appearance quite radically. Missing teeth can also impact the alignment of our existing teeth creating an unfortunate cascade effect in our mouths. A dental bridge is one of many options [...]
Are Teeth Whitening Procedures Safe Image 1

Are Teeth Whitening Procedures Safe?

As far as cosmetic procedures go, teeth whitening is right up there as a fast and efficient way to brighten your smile and enhance your appearance. Our modern diet of red wine, black coffee, curries and sauces wreaks havoc on our mouth and leave their unfortunate legacy in the form of dull, stained teeth. Add to this the constant display of the unnaturally white teeth of celebrities and influencers who “woke up like this” and we have a large percentage [...]
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Tooth Decay – Why You Need Preventative Dentistry to Save Money

Tooth decay is not going away, but because prevention is always better than cure, what can we do to keep it in check? Oral hygiene is a more vital part of our health than we realize and should be a non-negotiable part of our every day lives. Let’s focus on a few top tips and get a grip on the oral health of ourselves and our families with the goal of preventing tooth decay in 2020. After all, we ought [...]
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What You Need to Know About Recycling Oral Care Products & Packaging

The Colgate® Oral Care Recycling Programme in tandem with groups like TerraCycle® is making great headway in working to recycle and repurpose oral care consumables. TerraCycle is ‘Eliminating the Idea of Waste®’ by recycling the "non-recyclable." With a worldwide reach, TerraCycle® works with several recycling streams to create repurposed outdoor furniture and other items. From plastic gloves, coffee capsules, pens, children’s toys, beauty packaging, granola wrappers and crisp packets, the recycling of oral care products is relevant to our case. Dental [...]

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