5 Things to Know Before You Get Braces

When you think about what you can do to fix crooked teeth to enjoy a straighter, more beautiful smile, you think about braces. It’s no surprise, really. Dental braces have long been thought of as the go-to teeth straightening treatment. In spite of its tried and tested tenure in the dental industry, you might still have some questions and worries about taking this step – and that’s understandable. It’s a big decision and there are several important factors you [...]

Aligning Expectations: Let’s Compare Braces

Professional consultant and author Jay Danzie maintains that “Your smile is your logo”.  Whether you are a professional person or not, do you dream of a charming and healthy smile to boost your confidence and self-esteem? When people think of braces, the first thing they picture is a teenager with a mouthful of metal. These days, however, an increasing number of adults are opting for braces too because, regardless of your age and lifestyle, these are great treatment options to [...]

Everything You Need to Know About All on 4

All on 4 has become quite popular in recent years for replacing the teeth in the entire upper or lower row, improving the lives of thousands of people. This advanced dental implant procedure, also known as full-arch fixed implant bridges, gives you a full-arch of teeth with just four to six implants. These implants are made out of materials, like acrylic-fused to titanium, monolithic zirconia, and porcelain stacked to a cobalt-chromium frame.  Importantly, it’s a minimally invasive process with a [...]

How Often Should I Visit the Dentist?

Considering that approximately half of the UK population choose not to visit their dentist at all, this is a good question.  Is it really necessary to visit the dentist regularly? What’s the point of a dental visit when your teeth look and feel perfectly fine? What if I’m a very anxious person at the dentist? Those are excellent questions! We’d like to encourage you to find the answers in this article. And while you read, try and pick out which of [...]
Adult orthodontics

Adult Orthodontics? Call Your Friendly Hampshire Specialists

Do you regret not getting braces when you were younger? Don’t fret! Adult orthodontics is a reasonable option for you to consider. Or, perhaps you’ve been holding off on orthodontic treatment. After all, you've managed with your teeth for a long time. You’re used to how they look and feel. Do you wonder if there's any point in going through adult orthodontic treatment? As a matter of fact, there are a number of compelling reasons to get work done on your [...]

How To Choose the Right Teeth Whitening Solution

It’s absolutely true that our teeth are more than what they do. For many centuries now, the appearance of our teeth has had a lot to say about who we are, denoting certain aspects of our identities, such as our desirability, economic status, and social standing. Today is no different. A gleaming, white smile is still a trademark of health, wealth, and beauty. So much so that very few of us will feel confident about flashing a wide, toothy [...]

What is Invisalign?

Let’s talk about Invisalign, the revolutionary orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth without the use of metal braces. This new dental solution relies on clear aligners made from BPA-free plastic and are individually manufactured to fit your mouth, gently pulling the teeth into the desired position – giving you the smile that you have always wanted. It’s unsurprising that Invisalign has become the ideal solution for adults and teenagers who want to improve their smile, but don’t want to resort to [...]

Get Straight Teeth in as Little as Six Months

Have you always wanted beautiful straight teeth, but hated the idea of a mouth full of metal braces? Well, there are now two options that mean you can get that beautiful smile without feeling self-conscious. Crooked teeth can be very damaging to our self-confidence, but often people feel just as strongly about how they look with braces as they do with bad teeth! So if you are one of those there is some good news for you – metal braces are [...]

3 Tips for Preventing and Removing Tartar

We all know that it is important to brush well, floss regularly and eat a healthy diet. Many of us fall short in one or more of these areas, with very little understanding of how important it is to prevent plaque and tartar build-up. Once you have a tartar build-up, you will need to visit your chosen dental professional – removing tartar is not something that can be done at home.  But why is it important to prevent tartar, and what [...]

Professional Teeth Whitening: The Hidden Messages Behind our Smile

Much as many might deny it, professional teeth whitening was brought to us by today’s film studios, TV anchors, and talk show hosts. Let’s agree that watching someone regularly who has a beautiful set of teeth enhances our viewing pleasure. In these days of COVID restrictions, conference calls, and meetings via Zoom and Google platforms, a dazzling smile matters way more than whatever shape you’re in. While not everyone can have a perfect body, there is no longer any excuse not [...]