Eliminating False Information Around False Teeth

The term ‘false teeth’ often makes us think of our grandparents and those ill-fitting sets which we found so mysteriously fascinating when we were children. However, while the term may be technically correct, it is somewhat dated, and the reality is that false teeth are probably more common than you think.  Far from being the sole domain of the aged, false teeth come in multiple forms – and come with many questions.   Many of our patients ask much the same thing [...]

We’ve Brushed Up for COVID-19

No, the aliens have not landed. It’s just our dedicated team taking every precaution to keep you safe during COVID-19, and if it includes some rather unconventional headgear then so be it. A lot has been written about the “new normal” as well as the precautions that businesses should be putting in place to ensure the safety of their staff and the public. Some have bemoaned the amount of work that is entailed in adhering to the required health standards, [...]

Preventative Care From Your Dental Hygienist Keeps You Smiling

Do you know the difference between a dentist and a dental hygienist?  If you visit your dental clinic regularly then you’ll no doubt know the answer to this one. However, there are still many people who should be seeing us more often than they do but may have a bunch of questions which need answering before they set a cautious foot in the door.  We’d like to tackle some of these to make you more comfortable, especially those related to your [...]

Three Common Questions on Partial and Full Dentures

For many people, simply considering a visit to the dentist comes with a host of fears. Those with serious dental issues that may be thinking about dentures can tack on a whole lot of questions to their phobia, effectively turning this decision into a mountainlike obstacle.  In the spirit of ensuring that all our patients arrive and leave our clinic with a bright smile, we’d like to tackle some of the most common questions around dentures so that you have [...]

Urgent vs Non-Urgent Dental Treatment

Since our Clinic has closed, we have been doing our best to offer telephonic advice to our patients and other members of the public for their dental problems. This is a constantly changing situation and we sincerely hope that we will soon be able to get urgent dental care to anyone who needs it. In the interim, however, we have put together some general information on what to do if you have a dental problem. Remember, though, we are still available [...]