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CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computed Tomography and is a special type of X-ray equipment. It allows us to view the teeth, soft tissues and bone in three dimensions (3-D).

Dental CBCT scans are a much lower dose of radiation than a medical CBCT scan. The patient will stand to have the scan done and normally takes twenty seconds.

We can use CBCT scans for the following:

Dental Implant placement: CBCT scans enable us to assess bone levels in more detail in comparison on traditional radiographs. They also let us see where important structure such as sinuses and nerves are, so we can place dental implants in safe areas.

Removal of impacted teeth: A CBCT scan be useful to see where an impacted tooth is to ensure safe removal and to see its relationship to nerves and sinuses.

Orthodontics: CBCT scans can be useful in planning tooth movements in orthodontic cases

TMJ joint: The TMJ (jaw joint) can be visualised in a greater deal of detail enabling us to assess any potential issues.

CBCT Scanner