We are open!

As in the previous lockdown we will be functioning a little differently to normal.

Priority patients will be getting preference.

Our team will be in touch with vulnerable patients.

Due to extra precautions and shielding some appointments will be adjusted.

We will be here to help you with your dental health during these difficult times. We will continue to prioritise our patients who are in pain and need urgent dental care.

We have in place our new air purification system, to make sure you are safe: :“The Radic8 Viruskiller VK401 has been an excellent investment in the ongoing sanitising of the clinic and boasts one of the highest virus kill rates in the industry.” With a 99.999% virus kill rate and a brilliantly effective airflow system, not only can we offer a cleaner, safer environment for our team and our patients, but reduce the waiting time between appointments.

What are we doing to keep you safe?

  • We are only allowing patients who have an appointment at the Clinic to enter. If you require an appointment please call us on 01420 550616 or email us on
  • We will be staggering appointment times to ensure that we can adhere to social distancing rules.
  • The Clinic has been cleared to minimise areas of contamination. This means the Clinic does look very different, but we still will have our friendly staff to help you.
  • We will be asking patients to come on their own for their Dental appointment. If you are a parent, guardian or a carer, please call the Clinic and we will make arrangements for you.
  • We will be following Public Health England’s guidance on personal protective equipment (PPE) for our staff.
  • We will be providing higher levels of protection for dental procedures which cause a “spray”. In Dentistry this is what is termed as an “Aerosol generating procedure”. This is the biggest concern in relation to Dentistry and COVID-19.
  • The staff have been updated on enhanced disinfection protocols to ensure you are seen in a safe and clean environment.
  • We will be only seeing patients who are fit and well.

This is only a simple summary of the measures we have put in. Please feel free to contact us if you want more information on the steps we have taken to protect you and the staff.

What will be different when I come?

  • When you book an appointment, we will send out some information on what to expect. We will also conduct a COVID-19 risk assessment to ensure you and your family are well before attending the Clinic.
  • If you require any oral hygiene products, we get you to place your order at this initial phone call.
  • With treatment appointments one of our Dentist’s will be calling you before your visit to go through your treatment and your medical history. We will also let you know what the cost of the treatment is.
  • We will be not taking cash at this moment for payment.
  • We will be providing a mask for you to wear while you are in the Clinic.
  • You will be asked to clean your hands with hand sanitiser and soap and water while you are at the Clinic.
  • We will be calling you after your appointment to ensure that you are well after your visit.

PPE and its cost

All business’s have taken a huge impact during this pandemic. We are now being asked to purchase additional equipment to protect our staff and patients. We are also being asked to leave 1 hour between any procedure that causes a spray. This means we will not be allowed to see patients the same we did before. We will have additional costs in purchasing this equipment and waste disposal. We have decided to not increase our fees to reflect these rising costs to us. Instead we have made the decision to add a PPE charge to patients who are having aerosol generating procedures. The team are happy to discuss this with you in more detail if you wish.

As restrictions on the way we practice are eased we are hoping to remove these charges.

What appointments can we book in for?

Our priority initially will be to focus on the patients who have had dental emergencies since we have closed. We will then look at the patients whose treatment was not completed to ensure that they are stabilised.

Our aim is to start back to routine preventative care as soon we can. Thank you so much for your understanding during this time.

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