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Crowns, Bridges & Veneers


Crowns are advised when there is insufficient tooth left to place a restoration in.  They are also recommended when we are concerned that a tooth is susceptible to fracture, such as after a tooth has had endodontic (root canal  treatment) treatment. We can either have these made in a Dental Laboratory or in house in our new CEREC machine.

Crowns can either completely cover a tooth or partially cover a tooth (onlay). Our Clinicians will recommend to you which are the best options for you.


Veneers are a thin, laboratory made restorations that sits on top of the tooth surface. They can be used to improve the appearance of teeth whether it is an issue with alignment or colour.

These restorations can either be made in house in our new CEREC machine or using the Dental Laboratory.


Bridges are a fixed solution when there is a missing tooth. The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth support the bridge.

There are different types of bridges available and we need to carefully assess each patient to see whether bridges are suitable for them.

Fixed Bridges

Fixed bridges have been around for many years and can have a good success rate. The false tooth can either be supported by one tooth or by two teeth.

Even though bridges can be very successful they do involve the tooth or the teeth supporting the bridge being trimmed down. This means that this option can be quite destructive.

Maryland Bridges

Maryland bridges provide us with a fixed option to replace a missing tooth. A false tooth is supported by a metal wing which is “bonded” to an adjacent tooth. Maryland bridges are often used to replace missing front teeth.