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What is Duraphat toothpaste?

Duraphat toothpaste’s high levels of fluoride are ideal for those who may be more vulnerable to teeth decay. Use this minty fresh toothpaste after every meal, which will clean and protect your teeth from plaque acids.

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria in the mouth converting sugars into acids which attack the enamel on our teeth causing demineralization which results in cavities forming beneath them as well as pain when chewing food because those spots are now sensitive places where nerve endings have been exposed. This causes weakened areas all over ones’ smile line area where they will become susceptible to more damage if not addressed promptly through brushing their gums

Do I need a prescription for Duraphat?

You do need a prescription in order to buy Durapht. Our healthcare professionals can provide prescriptions if they believe this treatment would be helpful and right for you and your condition. Please answer some questions set up by our doctors who will then assess your answers before providing guidelines on how best to take care of yourself. Just like an in person consultation with your Dentist, it is important that we work together as partners so make sure you are honest when answering these health related questions

How will Duraphat fluoride toothpaste help prevent tooth decay?

Duraphat fluoride toothpaste contains high levels of sodium fluoride, an ingredient which is used to help protect your teeth from the risk of dental caries. It works by strengthening and remineralizing enamel on top that helps it resist against acid erosion. The statistics show a 76% reduction in root carious lesions due to frequent use for those at higher risks for cavities, making this product ideal as a preventive measure before any damage can be done!

What is tooth decay?

Tooth decay is a common dental disorder in which the hard surface (enamel) of your teeth are worn away, forming holes. Cavities can be caused by plaque, which is the sticky white film that develops on your teeth during day time. Plaque contains bacteria that creates acids and this acid damages tooth enamel if it’s not cleaned up regularly. This causes dentinal caries to form as brushing helps remove food particles from our mouth while flossing removes any remaining debris left over between two or more adjacent molars with an interdental brush.

Should I use Duraphat if I have sensitive teeth?

Duraphat toothpaste is specially designed to prevent dental caries and also help reduce sensitivity through strengthening the surface of your enamel, which can cause you a lot of pain when it’s not quite strong enough yet. If severe sensitivity puts too much pressure on your jaw muscles or causes fatigue during day-to-day activities such as chewing food, then high fluoride could be something worth looking into with either dentists or doctors who may have specialist knowledge in this department.

Which strength should I use?

Duraphat toothpaste comes in two strengths: 2800ppm and 5000ppm. The higher strength contains more sodium fluoride than the lower one, which is good for those who are at a greater risk of developing cavities or decay from an older age group . For children aged 10 years old and up to use, they should look into Duraphat’s low-strength option; whereas 16+ can only be prescribed with its high-strength counterpart.

How to use this fluoride toothpaste

Duraphat toothpaste is a fluoride-based paste that helps strengthen teeth. Apply 2cm of Duraphat to your toothbrush and brush three times daily, once after every meal for two minutes at time. Food and drink can interfere with this product so be sure to also brush right before you eat or drink anything!

How long should you use Duraphat toothpaste for?

Your doctor will decide how long to keep using the Duraphat toothpaste. For example, they may want to check whether your treatment is going well before deciding whether or not you need it anymore. If there’s any question in your mind about what course of action to take, be sure and ask your doctor!

Duraphat has a 76% reduction in root carious lesions, making it great for people who are especially susceptible to developing these types of decay – with 5000 ppm Fluoride you can rest easy knowing that this toothpaste will help protect against any risk!


How to store this product: Store in a cool, dry place which is below 25 degrees C. Do not use this product if the expiry date printed on the original packaging has passed and you should ask your pharmacist for advice. Keep out of sight and reach of children

Can I use Duraphat with other medication?

Duraphat is not known to interact with any other medications, so you should be able to take them together. Keep in mind that your doctor will need a list of all your prescribed and non-prescribed medicines before deciding if this treatment would work for you or not.

Pregnant or breastfeeding? 

Duraphat toothpaste may not be the right treatment for you at this time during your initial consultation. Speak with a doctor before taking any medication to make sure it won’t harm your pregnancy or breastfeeding baby.

Who manufactures Duraphat?

Duraphat toothpaste is manufactured by Colgate, a leading dental and oral care brand. Unlike other products from the company, you can’t buy Duraphat in your local supermarket. However this doesn’t mean that it’s any less of an excellent quality than what you’ve come to expect when buying their product

Contraindications for the use of Duraphat.

Please note, Duraphat 5000ppm toothpaste is not suitable for use in children under 16. It also should not be used by adults who are allergic to sodium fluoride or any of the other listed ingredients because this product contains both a high concentration of sodium benzoate and sodium fluoride – which can negatively impact those with allergies and/or sensitivities to these substances respectively.

Please keep all precautions in mind while using our products!

Other Fluoride containing products.

Products which contain fluoride or fluoridated water or salt at the samehe should be avoided as the fluoride content in this toothpaste is high. 

Does Colgate Duraphat toothpaste have side effects? 

As with all medications, Colgate Duraphat can occasionally cause side effects- although not everyone will experience them. These include: 

  • Rare cases of allergic reaction showing symptoms such as a rash, itching, swelling and redness; or burning oral sensation in the mouth that may last for days 

If you are experiencing any severe adverse reactions to your medication speak to your doctor immediately. For more information about reporting the side effect of meds visit The Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Agency’s website here https://www.mhra.gov.uk/yellowcard

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