Alexandra Vaidean

Dental Medical Doctor
GDC Number: GDC 255455

Alex graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy “ Iuliu Hatienagu” Cluj- Napoca, Romania as a DMD specialised in dentistry in 2013.

Highly passionate about all aspects of dentistry, Alex is committed to providing high quality care, focusing on prevention and  minimal invasive dentistry.

Alex is a dentist with special interest in Endodontics (Root Canal Treatments) and dental trauma, managing to successfully diagnose origin of pain, cracked teeth, assess restorability and prognosis, delivering endodontic care with great passion. She enjoys taking time to discuss treatment options with her patients to aid in their informed decision.

She has also taken an interest in Biomimetic Adhesive Dentistry successfully restoring severely damaged teeth.

With her caring nature and bright personality she is very popular among anxious patients and children.

Outside work, Alex is a busy mum of one little girl. She enjoyed travelling, jazz music and reading.

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