Wrinkle-Free Treatments

Wrinkle-free treatments are known as wrinkle relaxing injections. Additionally, it’s a brand name that comes from Clostridium Botulinum which is a type of bacteria. This formula is used as a treatment for wrinkles and fine lines on the face. What’s more, it’s the first formula of its kind to be approved by the FDA. 

The wrinkle-free treatment is a minimal invasive treatment and it’s a non-surgical procedure that smooths out fine lines on your face.

Using wrinkle-free injections is a secure and quick way to bring back the vibrant and youthful appearance in your face. Find out more about wrinkle-free treatments and how you can book your consultation with Shine Dental below. 

Additional Overview of What Wrinkle-free Treatment Is

Essentially wrinkle-free treatment is a Neurotoxin. So when the wrinkle-free treatment is injected into your skin it acts as a nerve block and temporarily relaxes the muscles in the injected area. The wrinkle-free injection stops your muscles from receiving signals so that the muscles can’t contract. This ultimately reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Where is it Commonly Used?
The wrinkle-free treatment is used to treat many areas on the body but it’s most commonly used on the face to reduce fine lines around the eyes and stress lines on the forehead. Additionally, you can use the wrinkle-free treatment for the following:
• Eye twitching
• Lazy eye
• Chronic migraines
• Excessive sweating under the arms
• Overactive bladder

You can also get the wrinkle-free treatment for your hands, neck and neurological conditions.

How is the Procedure Done?
Clinical professionals who are certified dilute the Botulinum powder in saline and then place the mixture in exact dosages in an injection. This mixture is then injected into the affected areas such as around the eyes, mouth, chin or cheeks.

Between 24 to 72 hours the wrinkle-free treatment will start to take effect. In rare cases, the wrinkle-free treatment will only start to take effect after five days. Based on your treatment and the method used the wrinkle-free treatment may last up to three to 12 months.

When to Avoid Using The Wrinkle-free Treatment

When you visit your practitioner you may be rejected for treatment if you are pregnant or under the age of 18. You should also avoid using the wrinkle-free treatment if you’re currently breastfeeding. Additionally, You should inform your doctor if you’re taking any medication or supplements because some pharmaceuticals may have a negative reaction to the wrinkle-free treatment.

You should avoid doing the wrinkle-free treatment if you’re suffering from any skin condition such as allergies, hives, acne or rashes. It’s advised that you never get wrinkle-free treatment done by an unqualified practitioner. At Shine Dental we ensure that your wrinkle-free treatment is done in a sterile and comfortable environment to avoid infections. All needles are new and the Anti-wrinkle treatment used is clinically approved.

Types of Side Effects from Wrinkle-free Treatment

Wrinkle-free treatment is a safe non-surgical treatment that’s been used in facial aesthetics for over 50 years. But that’s not to say there aren’t any risks to using the wrinkle-free treatment. You may experience mild side effects such as swelling, rashes redness and bruising. 

In some extremely rare cases, you may experience drooping eyelids, dry eyes, drooling or a crooked smile. The side effects are temporary and should disappear within one to two days.

What You Can Expect Before and After the Procedure 

Some people are afraid of needles and the pain it may cause. However, you can rest easy because wrinkle-free treatment is a painless treatment. Before your injection, your doctor may use topical anesthesia to numb the skin so that you don’t feel the needle go into the muscle. 

During the procedure, the injections are done in a sterile doctor’s office. You’ll receive small injections around the affected area. The number of injections used will depend on the extent of the area. Your doctor will let you know how many shots you can expect around the area you want treated. 

After the procedure, you should avoid rubbing or scratching the treated area for at least a day. This will deter the toxins from spreading to other areas. Since this is a non-surgical treatment, you can carry on with your normal day to day activities.

You should avoid wearing makeup before and only apply makeup after a day or two of treatment.  

What Will the Results Be Like? 

When the wrinkle-free treatment starts to take effect you’ll begin to notice subtle but noticeable differences in your appearance. Your skin will look smoother in the areas where you had the injections done. Lines around the eyes and mouth will be gone until the effects of the wrinkle-free treatment wears off.

FAQ about Wrinkle-free Treatment

Can I exercise after a wrinkle-free treatment?
No, you should avoid doing any strenuous activity that will make you sweat after your wrinkle-free treatment. This is because you could risk sweating the wrinkle-free treatment out of your muscles. After your treatment make sure you relax and keep yourself cool for at least 24 hours after the wrinkle-free treatment injections.

Will people notice that I got wrinkle-free treatment done?
wrinkle-free treatment doesn’t cause an extreme change in your appearance. The injections simply smooth out wrinkles on your face that will give you a more rejuvenated appearance. Sometimes lines can make you look stressed or tired. The wrinkle-free treatment will help eliminate these lines so that you look more awake and less stressed.

How much does wrinkle-free treatment cost?
The cost will depend on how much wrinkle-free treatment you’ll need done and how many areas the doctor will be injecting. Simply contact Shine Dental for your consultation to find out how much it will cost you to do a wrinkle-free treatment according to your needs.

Do I have to avoid the sun after wrinkle-free treatment?
Yes, you can go into the sun after you’ve done wrinkle-free treatment but make sure you still keep yourself cool so that you don’t sweat the treatment out. On the other hand, you should avoid prolonged sun exposure because you can get burnt. Sun burning increases your risk of skin cancer and it can cause premature aging.

Is wrinkle-free treatment painful?
You may feel slight discomfort you get injected but this is not painful at all. However, if you’re afraid that the injections will hurt you can ask your doctor to use a numbing cream on the area before inserting the needle.

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At Shine Dental you can rest assured that all wrinkle-free treatment products are FDA approved and are clinically tested. Procedures are done in a controlled environment and you’ll be made to feel at ease during your treatments. 

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