Reduce the signs of aging and wrinkles with the miraculous non-surgical Endolift face lift.
The alternative to surgery that actually works.

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ENDOLIFT® has multiple purposes, the remodeling of both deep and superficial layers of the skin, toning, retraction of connective septums , the stimulation of collagen production and, when necessary, the reduction of excessive fat.

The main activity of ENDOLIFT® is promoting skin tightening, in other words the retraction and reduction of skin laxity thanks to the activation of neo-collagenesis and of metabolic functions in the extra cellular matrix. The skin tightening created by ENDOLIFT® is strictly linked to the selectivity of the laser beam used, that is, to the specific interaction of the laser light which selectively hits two of the main targets of the human body, water and fat.

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What sets ENDOLIFT® apart from other procedures?

  • Under local anesthesia, comfortable procedure
  • Safe, visible, and immediate results
  • Long-term effect
  • Only one session
  • No incisions
  • Outpatient treatment
  • No or minimum convalescence
  • It can be associated with other aesthetic treatments

Your questions answered

Who will perform the procedure
Dr. Jaco van der Merwe, is a dental surgeon with a MATA Level 7 Harley Street Diploma in Facial Aesthetics and is professionally trained to perform the ENDOLIFT procedure.

What areas can be treated?
Areas that can be treated include the lower eyelid, mid and lower face, mandibular border (jaw), under the chin, neck, inner arm. abdomen, inner thigh, knees, and buttocks for cellulite.

The Endolift has minimal to no downtime, and we recommend that patients are able to return to work or normal activities just a few hours after treatment.

Does it hurt?
As a skin tightening treatment, endolift® is minimally invasive with little to no downtime required. Patients report little to no pain throughout treatment, but in certain cases, a small amount of controlled aesthetic may be provided for patient comfort.

How many treatments are needed?
Only one session is usually needed to see results, but as patients and their needs will vary. , your clinician may recommend a further session or a combination treatment with another therapy.

Is ENDOLIFT results permanent
Endolift results are expected to last 2-3 years. Though, due to the ageing process, the laxity in the deep skin will continue to build after this time.

Expected results
Early results in 4 weeks, significant  in 4 months, full after 9-12 months.

How long will the procedure take?
30-90 minutes.

How it works?

Specific single-use micro-optical fibers, a bit thinner than a hair (FTF Eufoton), are easily inserted under the skin into the superficial  hypodermis. These fibers create microchannels that act as a light path in the skin, allowing the device to transmit laser energy more effectively to target water and fat in the body.

The procedure does not require incisions or anesthesia.

The patient may perceive only a slight discomfort due to the laser energy creating micro-tunnels oriented along the anti-gravitational vectors, which grant an immediate and visible lifting effect. At the end of the treatment, the single-use micro-fibers are removed and thrown away.

Throughout the treatment, laser energy heats the tissue to encourage new collagen production as well as improving the metabolic functions of the extracellular matrix, which is the network that provides physical and biochemical support to the surrounding cells. This means that the results are long-lasting and continue to improve over time The device can also provide a degree of fat removal for small pockets of fat in the face or around the body, so the device not only removes fat but will tighten the skin.

Endolift® does not cause any kind of pain associated with  incision and sutures. No recovery time is required. Patients can return to their job and normal activities within a few hours.

Results are not only immediate and long-term, but continue to improve for several months following the procedure as additional collagen builds in the deep layers of the  skin.

As with all procedures in aesthetic medicine, the response and the duration of the effect depends on each patient and, if the physician deems it necessary. Endolift® can be repeated with no collateral effects.

Is ENDOLIFT® for you?

A suitable candidate for Endolift is someone who has mild to moderate skin laxity on the face or body. This treatment is suitable for all skin types.

  • Jawline clarification
  • Lower eyelid bags correction
  • Eyebrow lifting
  • Tightening lines around the neck
  • Skin tightening

Common Side Effects and Contraindications

As long as you are generally healthy and don’t have any skin diseases or infections is the area treated, there are a few medical reasons why you should not undergo this treatment. However some people will not be suitable for treatment, including pregnant and breastfeeding women, certain conditions, including auto-immune disease, skin diseases, and skin infections, and a known intolerance to the local anesthetics used during treatment. Potential side effects from an Endolift procedure include:

  • Swelling and uneven skin for approximately two or three weeks following treatment
  • Minor bruising and swelling
  • Minor redness and sensitivity in the area managed by over the counter pain medication (should disappear after 1-2 days)

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