How Muscle Relaxant Injections Treat Neck Pain

This muscle relaxant injection is perhaps best known as a powerful means of smoothing out facial wrinkles, but it has started gaining recognition as a treatment for various other aches, pains, and conditions. We’ve covered a few of these already, talking about how Shine Dental Clinic has, for some time now, treated patients who suffer from migraines, excessive sweating, facial paralysis, and even bruxism (a condition in which you grind, gnash, or clench your teeth) – all with use of these injections.

Another physical ailment that we use these injections for is the treatment of chronic neck pain, so if you’re wondering, “How can I treat neck pain?” Then look no further. This product isn’t just for celebrities, it can be an extremely effective treatment to relieve the persistent, life-inhibiting pain that is caused by muscle tension. 

To help you understand more about how this muscle relaxant injection can be used as a possible solution, we’ll unpack how it works to relieve your pain, why it is safe for you to use in this way, how long it will last, and even how it can be used to support physical therapy.

How Muscle relaxant Injections Treat Neck Pain

This injection is a protein that is made from a toxin, which is used in small doses for both cosmetic and medical purposes. It was actually originally approved by the FDA to treat severe muscle contractions caused by cervical dystopia in 1989 and wasn’t intended as an anti-aging treatment initially (although it has proven highly effective in that regard). Instead, it was and is to this day used to block the neurotransmitters that tell your muscles to contract. If there’s no signal coming from the neurotransmitters, there’s no contraction, no tension, and therefore, in the case of physical suffering as a result of the tension, no more pain. 

So, while our certified practitioner can certainly help you reduce the appearance of skin wrinkles, you can also call on us at Shine Dental Clinic, to help you treat severe neck pain. 

Why It’s Safe To Use

It’s true that this toxin has only been approved for use for around 20 years, however this treatment is administered locally to alleviate chronic neck pain. As a result, there are no systemic side effects, like fatigue and sedation, which are the kinds of side effects that would usually be felt as a result of using orally-administered muscle relaxant drugs. 

What is important to note, however, is that you may feel some muscle weakness near the injection site, as well as some bruising, swelling, or redness. You may also experience a bit of difficulty swallowing, muscle stiffness, dry mouth, and a loss of appetite. 

If you do experience any of these side effects, it’s important to let us know so that we can provide further assistance. Your wellbeing is our absolute top concern! That said, you should also know that most patients will only experience mild side effects and that these usually go away within a few hours or days.

Importantly, all of the products used by Shine Dental Clinic are FDA approved and are clinically tested. All our procedures are done in a controlled environment, and we will give you the best advice on your treatment.  

How Long Your Pain Relief Will Last

The thing about using the muscle relaxant injection to manage neck pain is that the toxin is naturally metabolised by your body over time and this means that the relief you feel using the injections for chronic neck pain will eventually dissipate. In our experience, our patients feel their results for around three to six months and the injections will typically need to be repeated in order to maintain its therapeutic effect.

We have found that this longer term pain relief combined with the extremely localised nature of the treatment that is provided through the injections makes this an excellent treatment option.

Injections And Physiotherapy

One key advantage from using this is that we can use it to help those of our patients who need to start or to restart physiotherapy. This is because once the muscles have been treated, they are less likely to be damaged during physiotherapy exercises. This also means that the physiotherapy exercises can be carried out with a lower risk of any damage to the muscles. 

As a result, we can use injections to help prepare the body for physiotherapy, with little risk of exacerbating the current condition.

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