I’m New to the Area and Looking for a Dentist Near Me

The urgent need for a dentist nearby could become problematic if you’ve recently relocated. Moving itself, being one of the top stressors in life, will have taken all your attention. Teeth and dentists would likely not even have entered your mind. But perhaps it should have. 

If I reverse engineered my relocation possibilities, where could I think of moving to so that I would have a recommended dentist near me?

I saw the Shine Dental Clinic online. What a wonderful-looking clinic it is, and their staff are certainly well qualified. All the better, if visiting such a clinic would turn out to be a pleasant experience. I hear that’s not such a tall order these days and looking at their website, even the kids don’t seem to mind checking it out.

They are located in Mansfield Business Park, Medstead, Hampshire. Which towns or boroughs would place them within my reach? Where could I relocate my family to have them close enough to be my preferred dental option?

Let me take you on an imaginary journey and explore the possibilities. Let’s say that I ….

…Just moved to Alton

This is a truly lovely small, old-fashioned market town. There is an immediate sense of belonging here because the community is close and supportive of one another. That makes it so easy to ask any of the little store owners – the secondhand bookstore or the wool shop, for instance, for a dentist near me.

I am delighted to learn that the Shine Dental Clinic is a mere 15-minute drive on the A31 from central Alton. I’ve already decided I’ll pop in at one of the two pubs on my way back. 

… Just moved to Hampshire 

It’s hard not to keep stepping in and out of the past anywhere near Jane Austen’s house in Hampshire. I wonder where she might have gone for her dental requirements. Who knows? I decided to ask one of the people working at the Jane Austen House Museum for a dentist near me.

Taking me out onto the lawn, I am pointed in the right direction and advised that I could be at the Shine Dental Clinic in about 10 minutes if I drive straight on the A31.  I am beginning to understand the significance of this key road.

 … Just moved to Medstead 

This historic village juxtaposes the past with the present and facilitates all the amenities required by today’s generation. It was one of the first villages to acquire broadband, and I know my family will be pleased about that.

By the look of the fabulous fare offered at the restaurants here, it’s a good thing Medstead is the home of Shine Dental because we’re all going to need regular dental checkups if we go for the tempting delicacies offered here. I don’t have to ask anyone if there is a dentist near me because all I have to do is make my way over to Mansfield Business Park and there it is.

…Just moved to New Alresford 

Synonymous with watercress, this pastel-perfect Georgian town boats its own river – the gorgeous River Alre.  Aside from the abundant watercress farms the place is really pretty and boasts plenty of specialist shops. To be honest, this is where I want to be. There is a tranquil ambiance that makes me instantly relaxed. And I can’t wait for the Annual watercress Festival. Who shall I ask for a dentist near me here?

I find myself drawn to the immaculate golf course and I head for the Pro Shop. The friendly assistant assures me that Shine Dental Clinic is, as I have come to learn like a recurring anthem, down the A31, only from here I’ll need to access it using the B3047.  No sweat. I’ll take it – this is home for me.

Most of the places we explored together are close to the main rail connections. That means I don’t have to organise the family motor vehicle when the kids need dental checkups because we can use the trains. That rather makes getting to a dentist near me something fun to do. That is certainly something to smile about – if your teeth are as white as they should be, that is!

Visit the Shine Dental Clinic website for yourself and you’ll see what I mean. Treat yourself and then tell your friends in the nearby villages where to go.

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