Oral Hygienists Lessen Your Need For Dental Work

Oral Hygienists Lessen Your Need For Dental Work

What if there were a way to reduce visits to the dentist and maintain oral hygiene? There is! Enter the Oral Hygienist.

Firstly, these great practitioners are not half as scary as those with a dental or orthodontic degree. Secondly, oral hygienists are a gentle way to start little Johnny off in the right direction regarding the life-long matter of healthy gums and teeth. Today, in fact, oral or dental hygienists are the principal oral care professionals.

Oral Hygienists Provide Top Brushing And Flossing

Not so long ago, the reminder to brush our teeth was delivered by our parents before we went to school and before we went to sleep. More recently, flossing was added. Why? Toothbrushing doesn’t always get between our teeth, whereas flossing works wonders. But here’s the thing. We all build up plaque and tartar differently, so we may be the world’s best tooth brusher and flosser and still suffer ill health because of the state of our mouth, no matter how flashy our set of pearly-whites may be.

Oral Hygienists Lessen Your Need For Dental Work 2

Oral Hygiene Goes Way Beyond The Mouth

The oral hygienist fraternity supports the health and well-being of our mouths as a whole. Their university training puts them in position to advise us regarding the role of our diet in the prevention of tooth decay and gum disease as well as the use of fluorides and fissure sealants.

But here’s the real shocker. Whereas gum disease is 100% preventable, once it has taken hold it is absolutely not 100% curable. It’s like cancer – early stages count.  Prevention is the name of the game for oral hygienists and never more so that when it comes to what an oral hygienist can do for you and your family.

Just so you know, our mouths aren’t just where our money is, they are also the entryway to our insides. Not to overly alarm anyone, but when bacteria and germs from our mouths spread through the bloodstream, we’re looking at a whole new can of worms.

Infections of the inner lining of the heart chambers and valves – endocarditis, clogged arteries, stroke and heart disease – can be traced to oral bacteria. Respiratory issues and pneumonia are related to mouth bacteria. Your oral hygienist can play a pivotal role during pregnancy because periodontitis is linked to low birth weight and premature births. Some drugs which are used to treat osteoporosis, can risk damage to the jawbones. In addition, worsening oral health can present with Alzheimer’s disease. Anyone with HIV/AIDS or Diabetes also needs extra oral care.

Take The Oral Hygiene Challenge

For many of us, it seems like we reel from managing one crisis only to be confronted with another. The experts tell us that this is because we have neglected important things until they became critical. The way to reverse this scenario is to take care of things that are important before they shift into the urgent category. This principle holds true in the matter of scheduling dates with our oral hygienist.

Before long, and especially because the oral hygienist practices at the same rooms as the dentist, little Johnny gets used to the whole scenario and fear of dentists will become a plague of the dark ages before enlightenment brought a new perspective.

So, take the challenge and make space in your calendar for an oral hygiene check-up.  Don’t wait till it’s too late. Book an appointment with your friendly oral hygienist as the next treat for yourself and your loved ones. Then you’ll really have a whole lot to smile about.

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