The Brilliant New Air Purification System at Shine Dental Clinic

“My 90-day trial of 2020 is up. I would like to unsubscribe.”

This quote is just one of the many about 2020 and what a challenging year it’s been for us all. Whilst we’d love to see the back of it, we are still in a situation where we – as a nation and as a species – need to maintain the health standards set out to keep ourselves safe from the coronavirus.

We’ve been regularly communicating with our patients over the past three months regarding the safety precautions that we have in place here at Shine Dental Clinic which many of you have experienced first-hand.

We fully understand that many of you are reticent to return to your old lives, specifically the dentist! There is so much information and misinformation, conspiracy theories and collusion around the COVID-19 pandemic that many just want to stay home and stay safe. 

We understand.

Therefore, our team have erred on the side of caution and have maintained strict protocols to keep our patients and our staff safe, and in addition to these steps, we are very excited to tell you about the latest air purification system in our clinic.

Viruskiller Air Purification Systems

The Radic8 Viruskiller VK401 is an excellent investment in the ongoing sanitising of the clinic and boasts one of the highest virus kill rates in the industry.

As air passes through the system it is subjected to a two-stage process which serves to purify and sterilise the air in a single air exchange.

This patented wall-hung system creates a smart laminar airflow to maximise the volume of air through the filters. It achieves this by pushing clean air up and out and dragging contaminated air back in from the bottom within the space that it is covering.

Radic8 explains how the unit works. 

“As air passes through the VK 401, it goes through a 2-stage process to achieve the best results, purification and sterilisation.

“The pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter take care of larger particles like dust, pollen, smoke and some VOCs, this is where most “air purifiers” end. Mechanical filters are limited to what they can trap and what gets through the filters in Radic8 systems is then dealt with in the reactor chamber, this includes viruses.

“The patented sterilisation chamber uses a process called photocatalytic oxidation and is designed in such a way that maximises ultraviolet radiation and oxidation to give unparalleled results.

“Uniquely, the Radic8 technology is designed to trap dirty air, kill sick air and neutralise toxic air.”

What does this mean for you?

With a published efficacy rate of 99.999% (which is rather good!) we trust that introducing this air purification system will ensure the ongoing safety of our staff and you, our patients. 

It also means that we can reduce fallow time following the disinfection of a room. As we discussed in our article on COVID jargon, many disinfectants are deployed in aerosol form and these fine droplets require time to descend out of the air that we breathe, and onto the surfaces which they will be sanitizing. 

Fallow time, which is the period which allows the droplets to settle, was previously set at 60 minutes by the Department of Health and the Chief Dental Officer.

Dentistry UK comments, “In its updated guidance, the FGDP(UK) and the College of General Dentistry amended its fallow time advice.

“This follows the publication of a review on AGPs by the Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP). It argues that not all AGPs carry equal risk, suggesting fallow time is calculated using a multifactorial approach. As a result, times range from 10 to 30 minutes.

“Currently, Public Health England (PHE) recommends a fallow period of 60 minutes if less than 10 air changes take place per hour following an AGP.”

With such an effective air purification system in place, we can safely increase the delivery of our patient care and reduce waiting times. We are eager to get as many patients seen for their routine examinations and ensure that they are stable in the event of further restrictions. 

Would you like more information on the safety systems that we have in place at the clinic? We are always available to assist you with your concerns and assure you of our best care. 

Please feel free to call us on 01420 550 616.

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